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The Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive, evidence-based assessment and treatment of sports-related concussion.
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Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic was established in 2008.  Since inception, we have worked to provide the best possible concussion care to athletes of all ages and ability levels, to raise concussion awareness, and to educate the community on prevention and recognition of concussions.  Through an ever-evolving, multidisciplinary team approach, we have become recognized as a leader in North Carolina (and throughout the Southeast) in concussion evaluation and treatment.   Our focus is always on providing world class comprehensive and compassionate care to each patient with a goal of complete and expeditious return to their lives and their sporting activities.  Furthermore, CSCC is proud to contribute to the rapidly evolving science and understanding of sports-related concussion through a commitment to concussion research, to an evidence-based approach to treatment, and to teaching.

To date, our physicians and Athletic Trainers have treated nearly 12,000 sports-related concussions.  We treat local and regional North Carolina athletes and see referrals from around the country.  We are proud to provide concussion care for the Carolina Hurricanes, USA Baseball, North Carolina Football Club, the Carolina Courage, the Carolina Mudcats, Carolina Ballet, multiple local universities, public and private high schools throughout Wake County and surrounding counties, along with numerous youth sports organizations.  CSCC is proud to have been instrumental in writing and passing in the Gfeller Waller Concussion Care Act and provides regular input to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) regarding concussion identification, evaluation, and clearance.

Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic specifically treats concussions that occur during sports and physical activity, concussions in athletes, and concussions in pediatric patients.

Concussion Care Team

We strongly believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of sports-related concussion.

In our model, the primary care sports medicine physician serves as the “quarterback” of this team, overseeing treatment and progression of each athlete/patient.  At the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic, our certified athletic trainers work closely with our doctors and serve as crucial resource for patients and their families, as well as teachers, coaches, and other community medical providers.

All physicians and certified athletic trainers have received extensive training for the management of sports-related concussions.

Please call our sports concussion clinic hotline at 919-238-2017 to schedule an appointment at any location.

Concussion Care Team Quarterback

What to Expect

Evaluation and resolution of a concussion is a process. Our active approach is an excellent way to treat each unique injury as that.

When you call the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic hotline, you will speak with one of our certified athletic trainers.

It may seem like we ask a lot of questions. Before you walk in the door, we want to know as much about your injury as possible.

After you are checked in, one of our clinical staff will complete a thorough clinical interview.

Your first visit will last one and a half to two hours. This will include gathering specific information about your injury, reviewing your medical history, your family medical history, and completing the following screenings: a graded symptom checklist, the vestibular ocular motor screening, and balance testing. Depending on each clinical situation, we may also complete other testing and our athletic trainers may also administer a neurocognitive test on the computer or iPad to gauge things like memory, visual processing speed, and reaction time.

Once that information is gathered, your doctor will perform a thorough physical exam, including a neurological screening.

Your doctor / athletic trainer team will use all of their findings to develop a Concussion Care Plan unique to your injury, keeping in mind your goals for returning to activities.

If indicated, your doctor may repeat some of the above screening tools / tests at your follow-up visit(s).

This will help us make the best recommendations on returning you to school, work, and physical activity as your injury resolves.

Physicians By Location


Our physicians have had extensive training in management of sports-related concussions and the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic houses some of the most experienced practitioners in the area.  We share a strong desire of staying up to date in all areas of sports medicine, with active concussion treatment at the forefront.

With numerous youth sports leagues, schools, and active individuals in the Wake County community, we pride ourselves in our active, multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of sport-related concussion.

Certified Athletic Trainers

Certified Athletic Trainers are an integral part of the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic. Our athletic trainers are licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina and have backgrounds in prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.

From taking phone calls on the hotline to working alongside our physicians in making clinical decisions to communicating appropriate recommendations to parents, patients, coaches and other athletic trainers, these allied healthcare professionals enhance patient care in an invaluable way.

Cary Location

  • Amanda Beatty, LAT, ATC
  • Kayleigh Dolphin, LAT, ATC
  • Christi Ferrell, LAT, ATC
  • Bri Fintel, LAT, ATC
  • Hunter Gross, LAT, ATC
  • Grace Jungclas, LAT, ATC
  • Julie Phillippi, LAT, ATC
  • Amy Smith, LAT, ATC
  • Amy Switzer, LAT, ATC
  • Lauren Traflet, LAT, ATC
  • Katy Troyer, LAT, ATC
  • Blake Wickerham, LAT, ATC
  • Dillon Zarrelli, LAT, ATC

Raleigh Location

  • Eugene Everett, LAT, ATC
  • Timothy Feldmann, LAT, ATC
  • Kallie Hannon, LAT, ATC
  • Karissa Lea, LAT, ATC
  • Alexandra Minori, LAT, ATC
  • Daisy Nelson, LAT, ATC
  • Kelli Powell, LAT, ATC
  • Yu-Jin Shim, LAT, ATC
  • Lorianne Tant, LAT, ATC
  • Lillian VanDeMark, LAT, ATC

Holly Springs Location

  • David Mulkey LAT, ATC
  • Alyssa Radel, LAT, ATC
  • Kristen Ramsey, LAT, ATC
  • McKelle Ulm, LAT, ATC
  • Emily Zamora, LAT, ATC

Area Specialists

Most concussions resolve in a reasonable amount of time and can be treated within the scope of our services. However, some concussions take longer to get better. If this is the case, we will rely on our Community Concussion Care Team of specialists to further evaluate the injury and provide appropriate interventions.


An evaluation by a neuropsychologist may involve paper & pencil testing to examine deficiencies in verbal/visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time.


A pediatric neurologist may be involved in prescribing medications to help with certain symptoms or may aid in identifying if any type of diagnostic imaging needs to be performed.

Physical Therapy

Vestibular therapy may be indicated in patients who suffer from persistent balance problems or dizziness that follow sports-related concussion.  The therapists use Sensory Organization Testing and specific vestibular tools to assess severity and may provide specific vestibular rehabilitation exercises to help the vestibular system recover.  In addition, physical therapy can also be helpful to address associated neck pain/symptoms (which is seen relatively frequently with concussions).

Optometry/Neuro Optometry

Sport Psychology

Additional Information

Please call our SPORTS CONCUSSION CLINIC HOTLINE at 919-238-2017 or 919-238-2000 option 2 if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Please note that the only adult, non-sport related concussions we see are those individuals who are already established patients at Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine.

If Medicaid is your primary insurance, we will require a referral from your primary care provider before scheduling an appointment.